10 Employee Characteristics Line Managers Love

The position of a line manager, though challenging and exciting is an unenviable one. On one hand, the line manager has to oversee the front line staff and ensure that their execution and implementation is on track. On the other hand, he/she is answerable to senior management for implementing set polices and strategies and achieving the desired results. How exactly does the manager balance these roles and responsibilities?

A single word answer to this question is YOU.

That’s right. Managers rely on their employees and team members help them achieve their organisational objectives and perform well. You may have often observed that a particular colleague is your boss’s favourite. Instead of sulking about it, it is now time to learn why. Obviously that colleague has all the positive characteristics, which your manager loves and hence it appears that your manager is favouring him/her.

But the fact is that the manager may not necessarily like the employee personally, but he loves the characteristics the employee has.

So exactly are these characteristics? Read on to find out.

10 Characteristics of Employees Managers Love and Why

1. Exceptional Communication Skills
Communication is the key to success for any relationship whether it is with your spouse or your boss or your customers. Managers love employees who communicate with them clearly. Are you wondering why? Well, managers are dealing with several things simultaneously and it becomes difficult for them to keep track of everything.

So when you keep them well informed about your projects, the progress and other issues, they appreciate it as it makes life easier for them.

2. Ability to Get Things Done
Are you result oriented or task oriented?

When you are assigned a project, you manager is more interested in seeing that you have completed it and achieved the desired result. He is not really eager to know how many hours you spent on it, and why approach A did not work etc? Yes, these aspects are useful learning experiences, but if you focus only on them, your manager is likely to perceive you as inefficient or incompetent.

The key characteristic you should possess is the ability to get things done. That’s what your manager is looking for.

3. Creative Problem Solving Skills
Don’t run to your manager to solve every small hurdle you face. He probably has a thousand things to deal with and won’t appreciate the constant interruption.

Show yourself to be a creative problem solver. Speak to colleagues, research and come up with ideas to get over small obstacles you may face.

Of course if it is a big issue, you have to involve your boss and he will surely not mind helping you out.

4. Amazing Team Player
A manager is only as good as his team. And a team that works cohesively and which is focused on the common objective performs best.

If you turn out to be the team member who is constantly hogging the credit for others’ efforts, if you refuse to cooperate with the team and help out and support the team, it spoils the entire team dynamics and brings down performance. Do you really think your boss would be too fond of you?

5. Focused and Efficient
Are you someone who consistently works long hours or is always in office on weekends? Don’t think this will impress your boss. This only gives the message that you are inefficient and not able to manage your work and time properly!

Staying late and working on an urgent project is appreciated. But doing it regularly gives quite a negative message. So be careful.

6. Taking Initiatives
Employees who take initiatives are perceived as being ready to step into the next role. What this essentially means that you don’t wait for instructions, but go ahead and take a course of action that you feel is best fitted in the situation.

Employees who take initiatives don’t miss out on potential opportunities to increase business, get new customers etc. These factors contribute directly to the team’s performance and that of the manager.

7. Great Mentor
When you have been a senior person in the team for a while, your manager expects that you will mentor new employees and take them under your wing.

You may not be expressly asked to do so, but it is expected that you will. This shows your willingness to go the extra mile for your team and the organisation. Besides, it is good practice for the time when you will become a manager yourself.

8. Planned and Organised
A clear desk inspires confidence. Yes it is true. If your manager finds your desk cluttered at all times, he begins to wonder whether he can count on you for assistance if he needs past project data or if he wants cross check some references.

So obviously, he might entrust another colleague with more important projects and bigger responsibilities.

Besides, being organised is good characteristic for you personally. It saves tons of time in a mad scramble to locate things you want.

9. Good Interpersonal Relations
An organisation is NOT made of up just one manager and his team. There are several departments, people, and everyone has to work together to achieve the common organisational goals. Often departments are interdependent on each other or have to collaborate with each other and move forward together.

Managers appreciate employees who understand these intricacies and possess good interpersonal relationship skills. It helps your department and your manager if you have a good working relationship with other teams and employees in the company.

10. Honesty
Honest can never be over rated and frankly never goes out of fashion. At the end of the day, it all boils down to whether your boss is able to trust you. And he can do this only if he is convinced of your honest intentions.

Owning up to mistakes, giving the correct reasons why something you committed to could not be accomplished, being honest and open in your feedback, these are some of the ways you can display your honesty and earn the trust of your boss. Your manager values this trust more than anything else- that’s for sure.

If you wish to make a good impression on your boss and get ahead in your career, you have to be in your manager’s good books. And will happen only if your attitude, behaviour and habits support your manager is every way. The above characteristics do exactly that and if you inculcate these, it is a positive step for your career.

All the best!


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