Employee Engagement, How To Become The “Google” In Qatar?

Whether you are a successful company or aspiring to be one, the true measure of your success depends entirely on how your employees perceive you as an employer. Do they love the fact that you exist? Do they want to remain with you forever? Do they feel inspired, motivated enough to come to work every single day? Do they look forward to the next day at work?

Simply put, do you have the ability enough to keep them engaged?

Yes, your employee engagement quotient is an important factor that determines the long-term success and viability of your business.

Learn from Google….A Live Example

Google needs no introduction- everyone knows the company. And it is indeed one of the most successful companies in the world. Its search engine continues acquiring greater market share and Android – the globe’s most famous smart-phone OS belongs to it. The world knows that Google has an abundance of the inventive gene in its kitty. What’s the reason behind this? Several high-profile management case studies have revealed that Google’s stupendous success is closely related to the fact that Google has systematically let its workforce loose to think. And it’s working towards letting its employees loose to execute. This is what matters the most in driving it towards the success it has achieved. So, are you ready to take up the challenge of ruling Qatar in terms of employee engagement? While it may sound far-fetched, all it requires is bringing back the “Human” aspect in human resources. The question we are asking (and trying to answer today) is how to become the “Google” in Qatar?

Employee Engagement and its Impact on Your Business

The simple definition of this term, ‘Employee Engagement’, is inspiring employees to commit completely to their workplace and work. And this commitment is the driving force for business success in the 21st century. No two ways about it! Engaged and motivated employees think more innovatively and work with better productivity. Google understands this very well. It knows that a corporate firm’s first social responsibility is towards its employees and that’s what it’s famous for! During recruitment, Google cites the following 10 reasons as to why it’s the best place to work at. These are unique and aptly sum up its employee approach.

  1. Extend a helping hand.
  2. To appreciate is the best way to motivate.
  3. Life is beautiful.
  4. Work and play go hand in hand.
  5. Google loves its employees, and it wants them to know the same.
  6. Innovation is Google’s bloodline.
  7. It promises to be good company from every direction.
  8. It strives to unite the world step by step, one user at every step.
  9. It inspires to explore avenues that no one has explored before.
  10. Free lunch, after all, does exist.

Google’s has a unique philosophy of treating talent in the right way. It is as follows:

  • It encourages two-way dialogues on key issues on its employee’s minds.
  • It engages employees in problem-solving and not just raising those.
  • Google holds an employee-management forum on Fridays and calls it TGIF or “Thank Goodness it’s Friday”.
  • Active communication and question-answer session on topics ranging from external laws and internal policies to product decisions and external news happens during this.
  • Additionally, Google encourages its workforce to attend “Fixits” – sessions designed to solve business-related challenges.
  • Google has also devised an algorithm that can allegedly identify the most attrition-prone ones among its 20,000 employees, so that it can try fixing their concern on time.

Google also offers some highly attractive perquisites to all its employees.

11 cafeterias at its headquarters offer free gourmet meals to its entire staff.

  • $5000 is rewarded for using an environmentally friendly vehicle.
  • Workout rooms with weights, massage room and locker rooms for staff.
  • For maternity, it doles out up to $500 in the form of food, to make initial four weeks easier at home.
  • It has a childcare room and has five doctors available onsite for free employee health checks.
What You Must Copy from Google and What You Definitely Must Not?

Google has already been pronounced the King of employee engagement. But what will happen next is a matter of grave concern. Companies across the world will try and imitate Google. Copying Google’s approach won’t be a folly, but copying its actual programs will be.

Laszlo Block, Google’s People Operations head, has warned global companies against the same. He has explained that it would make no sense if any other company tries and replicates Google’s model for employee engagement; because most of that is purely Google-specific.

We urge you to take this warning seriously. The truth is that Google accomplished multiple steps before executing their employee engagement plans. Its initiatives are the final step in the plan and not the only step.

Here’s Google’s process simplified:
  • Google first established a team called “people analytics” to discover, on an ongoing basis, what it is that makes their workforce contented today vs. tomorrow. The answer to this question varies in accordance with variations in economy, employees and the business environment. Remember that this initiative is a continuous study, a program, a commitment to talent analytics, and not just a onetime event.
  • Google next created programs aligning with their employees’ needs.

As a business with a penchant for success, if you aim at becoming the Google of Qatar, this is what you must do. If at all you want to copy Google, copy their people/talent analytics and not their engagement programs. Dedicate time and resources to analyse what your employees want.

Google’s employee engagement initiatives are a success because:

  1. Employees are strategic to its business strategy, and
  2. Google has completed people analytics

Therefore, we advise, imitate Google’s commitment towards making employees strategic to success as well as its talent analytics methodology. We don’t think there’s anything in the world that can hold you back from reaching success if you have your basics in employee engagement right.

Your employees are your strength, turn them into your assets; and begin right now! Once you do that, we are sure, even you can answer the question ‘how to become the Google in Qatar?’ successfully.

So, are you ready to become the first “Google” in Qatar?


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