Qatar Deserves the Best from Its Citizens – An Action Plan for the Corporate World

Qatar Deserves the Best from Its Citizens – An Action Plan for the Corporate World

Speaking at the recent 45th ordinary session of the Advisory Council, the Emir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani delivered a wide-ranging address, covering many aspects of society. These included both parents and their children, Qataris and expats, and their joint responsibilities in helping the nation to achieve the goals set out in Qatar’s National Vision. Here we will concentrate on the corporate world, and on what the Emir’s speech urged employees, managers, CEO’s and all board members to do to improve Qatar’s businesses and organisations.


In order to do the best work – not just for your employer and the business, but also for your growth and future career as well – you should ensure that you align your objectives with that of the organization. The inability to do this will result in wasted time and effort on your part, and a lack of productivity and results for the business. These objectives, as well as yours and the company’s values should be regularly monitored, to make certain they are still aligned. If they are not, then you should change so that they are, or report the misalignment to your line manager.

Managers and Directors

You have a vital role to play in the smooth running of the business. One of your key functions is to provide the right environment in which the other employees can perform their jobs to the best of their ability without any obstacles. This includes ensuring that it is a healthy and safe working environment, as well as treating all employees equally, no matter their job, rank or background. Not just equally, they should also be treated as human beings, not merely a job function or role. Remember, you are also the voice of those who work under you; they look to you to represent them to management, so ensure you do so in a way that is fair and honest. In addition, your other priority is to ensure that all of the organizational objectives are met, and that every one of your decisions is made on these factors alone, not on personally motivated or emotional ones.

CEOs and Leaders

You need to take complete responsibility and ownership for your own decisions, and to ensure the business is moving in the right direction – towards the one clear and overriding vision. To do this, you have to ensure that you provide equal opportunities for all current and potential employees, and that there is a fair, transparent and systematic performance management system in place. One that rewards people based purely on performance. Another key aspect of your role is to ensure the integrity of the business, and to eliminate any corruption that is or could take place.

Board Members

All decisions should be made purely on the best interests of the business, not your own personal ones. Unethical practices should be avoided and eliminated at all costs, and recruitment, bonuses and promotions should be made to the right people for the right reasons – based on performance. If objectives are not met, you should refrain from immediately pointing the finger, and engendering a blame culture, which can harm the business.

Dear Employer,

The statement carries a lot of messages, both implicit and explicit. One thing that is very clear, is that every corporation – without exception – needs to have a solid plan of action that truly reflects the Emir’s “Qatar deserves the best from its citizens” message. Only you know how close you and your business is from that vision. Only you can do something about it.


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