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Human Capital: Beyond a Talent Acquisition Function “We didn’t achieve our results because HR needs to hire more people for our department!” How many times have we heard that? It is an age-old excuse that is wheeled out by senior executives, who are in reality, hiding behind the real reasons for their and their team’s failures. Recruitment is a huge part of a organization’s strategy and success, and is an easy place to place the blame and point the finger when things don’t go as planned (though how many times are HR congratulated for recruiting well, when a team is meeting or exceeding targets?). It is by no means the whole story though. Like every part of a business, every function, every process, it is only one part of the whole. Yes it needs to be done correctly, but ... Read More
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Who is the most engaged – Qatari or Expat Workforce? It is a debate that has been raging for years, and Aon Hewitt have added fuel to the fire with their recently published report claiming that Qatari employees demonstrate the highest engagement among national employees in the GCC, while expats working in Qatar are the least engaged of all the expats in the region. So who is the most engaged in Qatar, the locals or the expats? Social media has been red hot with people dismissing the validity of the report, while others have backed it to the hilt. Others have claimed that it very much depends on the industry and type of company, and you can’t group the whole of the Qatari workforce together. Here we look at both sides of the argument. The argument for the Qatari nationals Those ... Read More
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Qatar Deserves the Best from Its Citizens – An Action Plan for the Corporate World Speaking at the recent 45th ordinary session of the Advisory Council, the Emir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani delivered a wide-ranging address, covering many aspects of society. These included both parents and their children, Qataris and expats, and their joint responsibilities in helping the nation to achieve the goals set out in Qatar’s National Vision. Here we will concentrate on the corporate world, and on what the Emir’s speech urged employees, managers, CEO’s and all board members to do to improve Qatar’s businesses and organisations. Employees In order to do the best work – not just for your employer and the business, but also for your growth and future career as well – you should ensure that you align your objectives with that ... Read More
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A Better Way to Cut Costs In response to the global situation, and more specifically the regional challenges they are facing, almost every company is implementing cost cutting initiatives. But less than 5 percent of those companies are doing it in the right way! Even more troubling is the fact that the vast majority of people in those organisations have no idea what measures they should take in order to cut costs in a way that 1) saves the business money, and 2) does not have a negative impact on the company’s ability to be profitable and successful. Far too many times companies that cut costs go about it completely the wrong way, with the result that one or neither of those goals are achieved. There is a better way however. Three essential steps for cost cutting Review the existing strategy from ... Read More
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The HR revolution: Why we need it Whereas business leaders should be forming a queue at the doors of HR departments, this is very rarely the case. Ensuring their organisation has a well-equipped and functioning HR team should be extremely high on every CEO’s and business leader’s priorities, but instead they tend to see HR as — at best a department there to solve problems, and at worst — a drain on resources with little or no benefit to the business. For far too long, HR has been seen as a brake to the company’s progress, not the means by which it can achieve it. It is time to reinforce the true meaning — and value — of HR business partnerships. The business wheel In essence, business and ... Read More
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Are the new graduates facing recruitment crisis? There is no doubt that there is a big issue when it comes to Qatari graduates finding employment in Qatar. Despite the fact that business is growing at dramatic rates, there is a disconnect between those graduating and the companies that should be employing them. In a country with such good growth; with the whole impetus that has been felt from both QNV 2030 and the World Cup 2022, it should be a perfect time for graduates and companies alike to reap the rewards. There have never been more companies, more development, more urban planning project, than the current development in Qatar. Yet, out of more than 3000 recent graduates from Qatar University and other universities, a huge portion of ... Read More
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The management strategies in forcing employees to leave Studies have shown that more than half of employees who leave an organisation do so because of their manager. There are many reasons that this can happen, which we will tackle shortly, but the root cause can be divided into two very distinct categories. The first is incompetent, poor management and or people skills in addition to other reasons that shouldn’t be happening in a healthy working environment. This could be either due to the fact that the manager has been promoted too quickly, they are in a role they are not suitable for, may not have received the right amount of training in order to be able to manage correctly, or due to ‘wasta’ (favouritism) which we will address in another article. The other reason managers adopt such tactics is more disturbing. ... Read More
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Is Erdogan’s theory the solution for organisations? Can the events being played out in Turkey, as Erdogan rids the country of toxic elements, be something that can be mirrored in the workplace? The Turkish President has ruthlessly purged his government, the army, the court, the media, and all aspects of society since the failed coup attempt. The way he has gone about it, is a lesson in how to eliminate those factors that are a threat to the success of the organisation – whatever that may be – to operate. Every tier of the organization is dealt with, from the top to the bottom, but an important factor is that it starts at the top. This is often the hardest place to make such cuts, but without doing a root and branch purge, it will ultimately be futile, ... Read More
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“You are the Most Valuable Asset” – Is it true? For decades, top executives and business managers have echoed the platitude “our employees are our most valuable assets.” It’s a saying that begins to sound empty as we walk through the corridors and halls of many corporations, attend an executive or town meetings, or visit to a corporate website. Far from being valued for a profound commitment to company goals, or being rewarded for making meaningful progress, many of a company’s most “valuable assets” — its employees — are sidelined when it comes to reward and recognition or even equality. Building up ‘Valuable Assets’ The heart of every organisation is its people. One of the most vital relationships in business environments is that between manager and employee. Along with structures that promote learning and growth in the capacity of ... Read More
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A deep insight into HH The Emir’s #1 Theme The Emir’s speech at the Advisory Council, in late 2015 set out a lot of initiatives that will have a profound impact on society in general, but at a more specific level, will influence the thinking of businesses, and those working in and for them for many years to come. The strongly worded speech – which has been well received from all quarters – sets out in very plain terms the direction that the nation as a whole should go in, and that it is not just the responsibility of the government to ensure that it is achieved, but the responsibility and duty of every single citizen. The Number 1 Theme and focus of the speech was around His Highness’s desire to eradicate all aspects of corruption, mismanagement and abuse, stating ... Read More
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